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Game Status: Active

released date: February 22, 2014 Entry photo example

T.W.I.Y. (The World Is Yours!)

T.W.I.Y. is a real life strategy game where the users are forced to interact and make decisions. Your decisions affect your family, whether the family consists of just you as the boss and your created troops, or the family consists of you as the boss, your created troops and your friends or family members who join your family to help fund your crusade to be the top family in the game.

The initial release of the (T.W.I.Y.) App will be in the Android Marketplace and will be made available to iPhone users on or around June 1st of 2014. During game play, users are given different ways to earn cash (T.W.I.Y. Cash) to finance their family. The users can play games embedded inside of the App (Dice or BlackJack), purchase points (turned into game cash) or view ads for points in order to earn for their respective families. Lastly, users are able to share messages on social networks for points which are then turned into game cash. This gives the user a variety of ways to flourish in the game, making it possible to enter into battle against other families with the proper amount of troops and assets. To learn more, download the app today at: T.W.I.Y. (The World Is Yours!).

Updated on Jan 29, 2014
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